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Personalised Glass Mini Candy Jar & Confetti Decorated


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Personalised Design


$ 5.50
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$ 165.00

Personalised Name Tag Christening / 0.90c each


Product & Product Selections:

This Mini Candy Jar is an absolute favourite, they are supplied filled with confetti 'sugar coated almonds" to represent your special day. Made from solid glass with a sealed lid, size is 6cm diameter x 11cm height.

Just like the classic, glass canisters you'll find in a contemporary kitchen, only smaller and sweeter! Fill the jars with a tasty treat, and treat your guests to a unique, miniature marvel.

Please be sure to select the design number fromPersonalised Designs Jar Labelon the right tabs. You can view the personalised designs in the above tab.

Please fill the message you wish to have printed in theType Message Herebox.

Custom Decoration is having your Bomboniere Favour decorated as shown in the picture, including ribbon fully assembled. Simply select the colour preferred from the Decoration Colours" selection on the right drop down. Colours available are the following Silver, White, Ivory, Gold, Light Pink, Light Blue & Navy Blue

Product Turnaround Time:

Once you submit your order, we will liaise with you to organise the best time frame according to your specification.

Please Note Before You Order:

We highly recommend ordering an extra 10 Bomboniere. Reordering at a later stage will be treated as a new order, and no volume discounts will apply.

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